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Emotional mastery is within reach. It’s possible to be a beautiful mess, and be powerful and present at the same time. The power of breath brings courage, confidence, wisdom, creativity, peace . . . and much more.  Part memoir, part inspiration, part instruction, Breath LOVE can help transform your life. I will help you start your own breathwork journey––to bust past fear to manifest your dreams and desires and boldly go to the deep places inside where true magic and transformation happen. Change your breath. Change your mind. Change your life.

“Chelec Cafritz’s prose throughout is exuberantly readable, with a wry self-awareness that’s often missing from books of this kind. Even nonpractitioners should find themselves breathing easier for reading these pages. A wonderfully inviting guide that reminds readers that calm breathing is the center of life itself.” —Kirkus Reviews


Take 10 Breaths with Lauren.

Let’s do 10 connected, calm breaths together.

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Hear Lauren's Virtual Talk at Suburban Hospital

Lauren will give a virtual talk about mindfulness and breathwork at Suburban Hospital’s Community and Wellness event. She will be joined by Dr. Neda Gould, associate director of Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center Anxiety Disorder Clinic.

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Breathe with Lauren Monday nights

Join Lauren ONLINE every Monday evening to experience the power of breathwork. All levels welcome. Class begins at 7:15 pm ET.

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