Private Sessions

These are one-on-one sessions with me. Each session I facilitate is different—just as no client is alike, no breath session is the same. I infuse my sessions with a light-hearted sense of play, constantly incorporating new approaches and techniques using whatever you need to find a bigger, fuller breath. I recommend you start with 10 sessions. Each session is 90 minutes.

Group Classes

I hold a weekly 90 minute breathwork class at The Mindfulness Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Group breathing is a great way to gain an introduction to breathwork or deepen your practice. Some people like breathing in a group because they like the energy that is created and the feeling of being connected to a community of breathers.


I hold workshops where I explain breathwork and the benefits of deeper breathing. A breath session is included in each workshop. I also conduct customized workshops for schools, government, nonprofits and for-profit organizations committed to reducing stress and improving the health and wellbeing of everyone involved.

Seminars and Retreats


I offer two to three day seminars with a small group, where a participant can dive deeper. I also lead group retreats in beautiful, sacred places. I have taken groups to Joshua Tree, Mt. Shasta, Santa Fe, and Sedona. Please see my events page for more information.

Corporate Breathwork


I facilitate customized breathwork sessions and give talks for corporate workshops, seminars, conferences and leadership training. Breathwork offers companies a way to energize employees and provide them techniques to deal with stress. These can be conducted both virtually and in-person, and we will design them based on your specific needs. 

Next steps…

Contact me to schedule a private session, customize a workshop for your organization, or learn more about the many ways you could experience breathwork.